Future Hepsilon

Key data

Stable Name: Woody
DOB: 2017
Height: to make 16.3hh 
Upsilon x Heraldik xx

**By the superstar Upsilon and out of a Heraldik xx mare who has already produced 2 International Event Horses

**From the same DIRECT dam-line that produced CHANYON – 6th at the Tokyo Olympics, and EMBASSY II – €1m winning Grand Prix Jumper

**Ranked as one of the TOP 8 Young Stallions of 2021 by H&H

** NEW 2021 Stallion Video **

Stud Fee Frozen: £585+VAT –   £300+VAT on booking + £285+VAT in foal (up to 3 doses)*
Shipping Fees: Per Stallion AI Services charges
*Alternative terms apply for semen to be used via ICSI

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Future Hepsilon is a superb example of the quality passed on by his super-sire Upsilon who was one of the world’s most exciting event horses. Hepsilon’s motherline has already produced International eventers and his dam is by the world’s most successful sire of eventers, the thoroughbred, Heraldik. Hepsilon is the product of some of most outstanding genetics in the world.

Upsilon sired the 1-2-3 at the 2019 4 Year Old French National Eventing Championships, and is renowned for his record breaking score in the Nations Cup – a staggering final score of only 17.3 penalties.

Heraldik xx has sired horses at the top in all three Olympic disciplines… including the International 5* event horses Butts Abraxxas, Butts Avedon, Butts Leon, TSF Karascada M, and Happy Times. Heraldik was the WBFSH No.1 Ranked Sire of Eventers for an incredible 5 consecutive years, and held a top 3 place for a further 4 years. He also sired numerous GP showjumpers including Herald III, Highlight and Hennessy, and GP dressage horses such as H-Ekwador, Heraldik Star and Hidalgo.

Future Hepsilon is a powerful, athletic stallion with a talent for jumping. The genes for jumping are very strong on both sides of his pedigree with both his sire and dam competing and demonstrating wonderful ability. He has a willing, trainable temperament and proves easy to do in all matters.

The performance in the close family of Future Hepsilon is overwhelming and should give all breeders confidence that by choosing Future Hepsilon they are choosing proven genetics that pass successfully from generation to generation.

2020 was Hepsilon’s first season at stud after gaining a high licensing score at the AES UK Public licensings in 2019, and he completely filled his covering book.  With nominations received for high class CCI4 and 5* mares his stud career certainly started with a foundation of exceptional mares.

WFFS – Negative


Date Rider/Handler Venue Class Placing Comment


Photo Name Year Comment
First foals due in 2021


Upsilon (1991) gr 16.3hh International Event Stallion. Nations Cup Winner.


Canturo br 1.68m (1995)

1.60m Showjumper

Winner of the Aachen Grand Prix

Cantus gr 1.71m (1981)

Caletto I (1975) 1.74m br

1.60m Showjumper

Cor de la Bryere (1968) 1.69m

Sire of numerous 1.60m Showjumpers

Deka (1967) 1.68m br
Monoline (1975) gr 1.61m Roman (1960)

1.50 m Showjumper

USA (1960)

1.40 Showjumper

Fara (1991) br 1.67m

Also dam of Afara Della Caccia 1.35m jumper

Calando I (1974) br

1.60m Showjumper

Cor de la Bryere (1968) 1.69m

Sire of numerous 1.60m Showjumpers

Furgund (1969) br 1.65m
Ulara II (1982) gr 1.72m

Descended from the great thoroughbreds Ladykiller, Marlon, Abernant and Manometer

Landego (1977) gr 1.67m
Lara (1973)
O’Vive X  gr (2002)

Dam of CCI*** eventer Trouble Fete ‘Ene HN’ as well as Upsilon.

Fusain de Defey X  gr 1.65m 1993 1.50m Showjumper

Sire of numerous 1.60m showjumpers and International Event Horses

Phosph’Or X br 1.68m  (1981)

1.40m Showjumper

Unicol’Or (1964) ch 1.62m
Diane de L’Or (1969) br
Jacinthe du Maury X (1985) gr Fol Avril X (1972) 1965 gr

1.40m Showjumper

Jasione X (1975) gr
Garce d’Aulix (1994) gr Quatar de Plape X (1982) gr 1.63m

Sire of multiple CCI**** Eventers and 1.60m Showjumpers

Emir IV X (1970) 1.65m gr

Sire of 1.60m Showjumpers

Flore X (1963) Ch
Em Giao (1970) Ch

Dam of the 1.60m International Showjumping Stallion Triple Espoir

Bouton D’Or X (1954) 1.67m Ch
OT Xang (1958) ch

Heraldik Girl-W (2003) DkBr

Foxhunter level (1.20m) Showjumper

Dam of International Eventer Uptown Girl

Heraldik (1982) 1.69m blk (Thoroughbred)

1.50m Showjumper

WBFSH Top 7 Sire for the last TEN years, including being No.1 Ranked Sire for 5 consecutive years!!

Caramel (1970) blk 16hh (Thoroughbred) Wiesenklee (1961) br 1.65m (Thoroughbred) Chief (1953) br (Thoroughbred)
Wiesenblute (1956) br (Thoroughbred)
Cranora (1955) (Thoroughbred) Cranach (1938) br (Thoroughbred)
Oreade (1944) (Thoroughbred)
Heraldika (1971) br (Thoroughbred)

Grand dam of licensed stallions Royaldik and Meraldik

Cale (1963) br (Thoroughbred) Tanerko (1953) dkbr (Thoroughbred)
Caleche (1958) (Thoroughbred)
Helga (1966) br (Thoroughbred) Dam of 2 licensed stallions Marcel (1948) ch (Thoroughbred)
Heja (Thoroughbred)
Perdona (1989) blk

1.10m Showjumper

Dam of 1.20m Showjumper Dolina as well as Heraldik Girl-W

Palermo (1965) br 1.69m Polaris (1959) br 1.66m

Sire of 1.50m Showjumpers

Polarfurst (1955) dkbr Trakehner
Corinne 1944 br 1.56m
Freiminka II (1950) br 1.64m  Ster Pref Feiner Kerl I (1946) blk
Freiminka (1944) br 1.63m
Lisandra (1985) dkbr

Dam of multiple 1.40m and 1.45m Showjumpers

Gepard (1974) ch 1.70m Gotthard (1949)
Feretria (1962)
Lisa (1977) br Hauptstutbuch Hann Lindberg (1971)
Drina (1970)


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