Future Guilty Pleasure

Key data

Stable Name: Leo   DOB: 2016
Height: 16.3hh
Levisonn x Cantoblanco x Primitive Proposal xx

*CHAMPION of the UK AES Stallion Licensing*

*CHAMPION Eventing Sire at the 2019 Futurity and Best Newcomer*

*CHAMPION Eventing Sire at the 2020 AND 2021 Futurities*

*Rated as one of the TOP 12 Young Stallions in Europe 2020 by Horse & Hound*

Licensed Anglo European Studbook

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Future Guilty Pleasure is already a 3 time National Champion at just 4 years old –

  • Champion of the UK AES Stallion Licensing (from over 90 stallions inspected)
  • Champion Sire of Futurity Eventers & Best Newcomer 2019 (with his very first crop)
  • Champion Sire of Futurity Eventers 2020 (back to back Champion Sire with his first two crops!)
  • Champion Sire of Futurity Eventers 2020 (Virtual Serioes) – completing the hatrick of Championship titles with his first three crops!
  • Was highlighted by Horse & Hound as one of the Top 12 young stallions in EUROPE for 2020

Comments from the AES Stallion Licensing Panel:
…”Every now and then we encounter a young horse who has future greatness stamped all over him. And this simply breathtaking son of Levisonn is such an example. Bred to jump and event, with gaits of such quality that they will also be of interest to many dressage breeders, this young horse certainly breaks the mould. We are excited about what future will bring and delighted to have such a great opportunity for our AES breeders to be the first to be able to use him…”

Guilty Pleasure is not just a beautiful animal, he has been purpose bred to be a genetically pre-potent progenitor of stock, providing breeders with greater predictability of type and performance potential in his offspring. He is the planned result of a deliberate crossing of 2 very influential bloodlines which enabled the genetics of 2 outstanding full sisters to be brought together – Hirtin and G-Casablanca.

Hirtin is the dam of “Sire of the World” Levisto Z, and G-Casablanca is the dam of Cantoblanco – Champion of the Holsteiner licensing for jumping.  Not only are these 2 mares the dam’s of these 2 quite exceptional stallions, they are also full sisters to the internationally successful stallions Clinton I and II, Clinton H and Clintus – what an incredible group of full siblings!

Hirtin is the dam of the “Sire of the World” Levisto Z, who in turn sired the Double Champion of the Holsteiner Performance Test, Levisonn – sire of Future Guilty Pleasure.

G-Casablanca is the dam of the Champion of the Holsteiner Licensing, Cantoblanco – dam-sire of Guilty Pleasure.

By line breeding in generation 3 of his pedigree we aimed to create genetic prepotency without compromising heterozygosity and hybrid vigour.  Although it’s very early days for this young stallion, he appears to be demonstrating all that we could have hoped for from this breeding and much more.  His conformation is near flawless, all 3 paces are quite exceptional, his jump is powerful and careful, and his temperament intelligent and trainable.

His dam Guilty Secret (by Cantoblanco) is a Grade 1 AES mare and was the first foal from the BEF Elite mare Future Gold Digger – the all time Highest Scoring BEF Futurity Event Foal (2005-2012), and maternal sister to the Olympic Individual Silver Medallist and 3-time Winner of the CCI**** Kentucky Horse Trials, Winsome Adante, as well as the Life Approved (AES) and Life Graded SHB(GB) stallion Future Gravitas, and the CCI** mare Future Genie.

Here’s the link to the USEA Hall of Fame induction for Winsome Adante –


Guilty Pleasure’s first foal born ‘Future Classic Pleasure’ became the National Futurity Foal Champion and the Elite Foals Registration Tour Eventing Champion – something never achieved by a foal before. She also won at two of the most prestigious shows in the UK – The National Hunter Show and the Show Horse Association Championship Show.   From his second crop the exceptional foal ‘Future Iconic Pleasure’ emerged – he went on to be the only Eventer awarded Elite status at the 2020 British Breeding Futurity (from 129 entries) but was then the highest priced Eventer sold at the British Breeding Elite Auction, bought for a professional rider.

This young stallion is quite simply the full package –

  • World Class 5 generation pedigree packed with performers
  • Outstandingly correct conformation
  • 3 exceptional paces
  • Natural and careful jumper
  • Intelligent and trainable

Very rarely does a stallion truly show the potential to sire international performers in all of the 3 olympic disciplines, however the AES Licensing panel felt this young stallion was one of these rare examples.

WFFS – Negative

Showjumping breeders – Guilty Pleasure’s sire Levisonn was Double Champion of the Holsteiner Performance Test for both Jumping and Dressage at both his 30 and 70 day test. Not just that but his dam-sire, Cantoblanco, was Champion of the Holsteiner Licensing for Jumping. Guilty Pleasure’s own licensing score for jumping was above average at 8.5, and his dam was awarded Grade 1 status by the AES inspection panel which included a jumping assessment.

Dressage Breeders – Guilty Pleasure’s sire, Levisonn was Double Champion of the Holsteiner Performance Test for both Jumping and Dressage at both his 30 and 70 day test.  Guilty Pleasure’s scores for ALL 3 of his paces were 9 or above. Scores this high across all 3 paces are generally only seen in pure dressage stallions. His jumping pedigree provides dressage breeders with the opportunity to improve the canter, whilst his 9.5 score for trot and 9 for walk should provide mare owners with confidence that the quality of other paces will not be compromised. His damline also contains significant thoroughbred blood, bringing additional refinement to the mix.

Eventing Breeders – His direct damline descends from the Elite mare Juswith Genoa, who produced the Olympic Individual Silver medallist in Eventing at the Athens Olympics, and 3 times winner of the Kentucky CCI****, Winsome Adante, as well as the CCI** Eventer Future Genie, and Life Graded SHB(GB) and Life Approved (AES) International Event stallion Future Gravitas (who was himself No.1 ranked Sire of Eventing Youngstock at the BEF Futurity). Guilty Pleasure’s dam-sire Cantoblanco is also related to the current shooting star of French Eventing breeding, Upsilon through his grand-sire Canturo, who is the direct sire of Upsilon.  Future Guilty Pleasure has more than 50% thoroughbred and AA blood meaning you do not have to sacrifice speed and stamina in order to introduce jump or movement, and all this is backed up by a motherline that is proven to produce International Event horses.


Date Rider/Handler Venue Class Placing Comment


Photo Name Year Comment
Future Iconic Pleasure HH 2020 National Champion Futurity Eventer 2020 (all ages)
Only Futurity Eventer awarded Elite status (from 129 entries)
Highest priced Eventer sold at the British Breeding Elite Auction 2020
Future Classic Pleasure HH 2019 National Champion Futurity Eventer 2019 (all ages)
National Champion Futurity Foal 2019 (all disciplines)
National Elite Foals Tour Eventing Champion 2019
1st Sport Horse Foal National Hunter Show
1st Sport Horse Foal British Show Horse Association Championship Show


Levisonn (2005) 1.72m g

Double Champion of the Holsteiner Performance Test for both Showjumping and Dressage at both his 30 and 70 day tests

Levisto Z (1997) 1.66m g

Grand Prix Showjumper

“Sire of the World” for Showjumping and poster boy for the Zangersheide Stud

Leandro (1985) 1.64m br Landgraf (1966) b Ladykiller xx (1961)


Warthburg (1962)
Idura (1972) Sawara XX (1963)
Cedura (1963)
Hirtin (1993) 1.65m g

Full sister to licensed stallions Clinton 1 and Clinton II

Full sister to G-Casablanca (below), , and to legendary stallions Clinton I and Clinton II

Carolus I (1986)

1.50m showjumper

Capitol I (1975)
Lacq (1974)
Waage I Calypso II (1974)

1.45m showjumper

Lorettchen (1974)
Melodie VIII (1997) 1.70m g Lennon (1991) 1.69m br Lord (1967)

1.40m showjumper, CIC* eventer

Ladykiller xx (1961)


Viola (1961)
Hula (1971) Sable Skinflint xx (1958)


Varna (1961)
Narwan (1976) 1.64m g Roman (1960) Ramzes X AA (1937)

Anglo Arab

Dorette (1945)
Zukunft (1963) Manometer xx (1953)


Jeanett (1950)
Future Guilty Secret
  (2012) Grade 1 AES Head Stud Book (SHBGB)
Cantoblanco (2008) Holstein Champion Stallion. Bundeschampionat Finalist. Canto (2002) Holstein Champion Stallion. Reserve Champion of the Performance Test.

Olympic Showjumper

Cantus (1981) gr 174cm
Krokus Limbus
Flair I
G-Casablanca (1992)

Full sister to licensed stallions Clinton 1 and Clinton II

Full sister to Hirtin (above), and to legendary stallions Clinton I and Clinton II

Carolus I

1.50m showjumper

Capitol I
Waage I Calypso II





Future Gold Digger
(2008) Highest Graded BEF Event Foal (2005-2011) with 92.5%. Maternal sister to Olympic Individual Silver medallist and 3-time winner of the CCI**** Rolex Kentucky, Winsome Adante. Also maternal sister to the Elite BEF Event Foal Future Gravitie, and 2006 BEF Champion Event Foal Future Glamour.

Primitive Proposal  dkb 16.3hh Thoroughbred

Sire of Advanced Eventer Primitive Prospect (ridden by Piggy French) and the CCI** Eventer Primitive Data

Primitive Rising (1984) b 16.3hh Thoroughbred

Sire of many CCI**** event horses
He was the No.1 Event Horse Sire of 6 Year Olds by Progeny Points in 2006, the No.6 Event Horse Sire of 5 Year Olds by Progeny Points in 2006, No.8 Event Horse Sire by Lifetime Progeny Points & is still No.8 Event Horse Sire by Total Progeny Points in 2006.

Raise A Man (1977) ch 16hh


Periquito (1976)


With Love (1980) blk/br 16.2hh


Head Stud Book. Dam of Advanced event horses. Full sister to the HIS Premium Stallion ‘Another Hoarwithy‘, sire of CCI**** event horses.

Hoarwithy (1968)


HIS Premium Stallion A most influential sire with a fantastic record as a producer of eventers, show horses and working hunters including HRH The Princess Royal’s Black Ice

Evette (1964) br


Juswith Genoa (ELITE) (1988) Dam of Olympic Individual Silver Medallist & TRIPLE Rolex Kentucky CCI**** Winner ‘Winsome Adante‘, CCI** Eventer ‘Future Genie‘, BEF Champion Event Foal ‘Future Glamour‘, 2008 BEF Highest Graded Eventer (all ages) ‘Future Gold Digger‘ and Elite BEF and Premium ZfdP foal ‘Future Gravitie Bohemond (1981) Thoroughbred HIS Premium Stallion. Sire of double Olympic event mare (Sydney & Athens) ‘Withcote Nellie Auction Ring (USA) (1972) b


GG-Sire of 4* mare ‘The Wexford Lady’

Kaftan (GB) (1975)


Just Gingerbread (1976) Dam of Advanced event mare ‘Juswith Ginny Carbrooke Surprise (1964)Winner at the Horse Of The Year Show. Sire of Carbrooke Charles – CCI**** horse who completed Badminton in 1988 when 17 yrs old, and only 15.3hh high. He jumped a clear SJ round on the final day.


Future Guilty Pleasure’s sire – Levisonn – Double Champion of the Holsteiner Performance Test

Future Guilty Pleasure’s grand-sire – Levisto Z “Sire of the World”

Future Guilty Pleasure’s dam-sire – Cantoblanco – Champion of the Holsteiner Stallion Licensing

Clinton I

Clinton II