Future Cornish Illusion is awarded ELITE status & is the CHAMPION Event Foal at the BEF Futurity Evaluations at Solihull (2)!

Future Cornish Illusion by our young stallion Future Illusion was the Highest Scoring Event Foal at the 2nd Solihull BEF Futurity Evaluation and was awarded the status of Elite with a fabulous score of 90.7%. This is the 2nd foal by Future Illusion to be awarded this extremely prestigious grade. The panel’s comments included “Very well proportioned and balanced”, “Very loose and rhythmical. Elastic. Covered ground well and shortened and lengthened well”, “Quality type well suited to the job. Athletic.”

Future Graceful Illusion was also highly regarded being awarded a 1st Premium with a score of 84.3%. The panel’s comments included “Good topline. Well set on head and neck. Clean limbs”, “Showed good acceleration and ground cover”, “Good temperament. Harmonious type”.

These are the last of Future Illusion’s stock to be presented in the 2009 BEF Futurity and for the 3rd year running he has maintained his incredible record of siring 100% 1st Premium or Elite Eventers.

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