Vincent II

Key data

Height: 15.2hh (158cms)        DOB: 2002
Pedigree: Elcaro x Samber

Licensed with:
* Life Graded SHB(GB)
* Life Approved AES
* Licensed CHAPS

BD Points:  196 (inc. 14 Elem Wins)

*Homozygous Black (cannot sire a chestnut)

*CHAMPION In Hand and Under Saddle
*Sire of HOYS finalists

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**Proven Performance**

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**International Calibre Pedigree**

Stud Fee: £650 LFG
Collection Fee: £135

* SHB(GB) Mare Service Vouchers can be discounted against the stud fee
* Concessions to proven performance mares or dams of performance horses in sport/showing, and dam’s of BEF Futurity Elite offspring
* Multiple mare booking discounts

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Exceptional Quality Tri Coloured Stallion

Vincent II is a KWPN stallion who has been extremely successful both in hand and under saddle, as well as having a great Dressage career up to Elementary level – including 14 wins at this level – and qualified for the Regional Finals. Vincent II is a modern type quality warmblood sport horse with extravagant off the floor paces, great jumping technique which enabled him to win the CHAPS Loose Jumping Championship, and a really outstanding temperament.  An ideal stallion to produce modern type dressage horses, eventers, showjumpers and show horses.

His conformation is exquisite with the bonus of him being tri-coloured.  He has been tested homozygous black and therefore CANNOT PRODUCE A CHESTNUT.

His pedigree is saturated with quality horses close up in his bloodline, including the great thoroughbreds Lucky Boy xx and Pericles xx who were a huge refining influences and are present in a large number of top jumping and dressage horses pedigrees.  Additionally there’s Cottage Son xx, Abernant xx and Big Game xx in his bloodline, whose names are ubiquitous with elite level event horse breeding. As a result of being a descendant of these thoroughbred legends of sport horse breeding, Vincent has over 50% thoroughbred blood enabling him to bring consistent quality to his offspring.

Vincent’s sire “ELCARO” is one of the most successful Grand Prix horses in the Netherlands with a very high breeding index of over 160 for dressage. His elastic trot and fantastic temperament helped him win the National Stallion Competition final in 1990/91 where he scored 9’s for his temperament and stable manners and an impressive 8.5 for his trot.  He has since gone on to sire multiple Elite Sport (Spr) showjumpers including the Grand Prix horse Impression ridden by Eric van de Vleuten, and the 1.60m jumper Kalibra W.  He also has Elite Sport (Dr) and Prix St George dressage horses including Irving, Knock-Out Fellow, Kassander and Kadans A.

Vincent’s damsire “SAMBER” needs no introduction being not only a Grade A Showjumper but also a Grand Prix dressage horse. Vincent has inherited his father’s expressive head, power and agility in his paces and his fantastic temperament.

Vincent has already been successful in the show ring during including:
* Winning the 3 yr old potential sportshorse class SHBGB Northwest Spring Show and overall Res. Champion
* Winning the 3 yr old potential Sporthorse Class at the Royal Lancashire Show and overall Res. Champion
* Winning the 3 yr old sports horse and best 3 year old in the loose jumping at the CHAPS Championship Show

Vincent II has already sired a HOYS finalist in Volatis Diva who are prolific winners on the County show circuit under saddle.  Volatis Diva started her winning ways in the BEF Futurity series as a foal where she was Champion Dressage Foal.  He also has a number of horses winning in affiliated dressage throughout the levels up to Medium.


Date Rider/Handler Venue Class Placing Comment
21/05/14 Miss D Westwood Myerscough College Elementary 57 SRQ 1st 69.64%
18/05/14 Miss D Westwood Bold Heath Elementary 57 SRQ 1st 68.39%
18/05/14 Miss D Westwood Bold Heath Elementary 24 SR 1st 67.34%
15/10/11 Mrs P Berry Myerscough College Elementary 53 WRQ 1st 67.94%
17/08/11 Mrs P Berry JWD Dressage Elementary 53 WRQ 1st 70.00%
16/07/11 Mrs P Berry Haddon Equestrian Elementary 49 WRQ 1st 72.33%
25/06/11 Mrs P Berry Warren Farm Elementary 57 SRQ 1st 68.21%
18/01/09 Mrs L Millar Manor Grange Stud Elementary 53 SRQ 1st  67.94%
20/12/08 Mrs L Millar REC Events Elementary 44 SR 1st  67.20%
2005 CHAPS Championship Show CHAPS 3yr old Loose Jumping class 1st 
2005 CHAPS Championship Show CHAPS 3yr old Sporthorse class 1st 
2005 Royal Lancaster Show Lancaster Sporthorse CHAMPIONSHIP Res. CHAMPION
2005 Royal Lancaster Show Lancaster 3yr old Potential Sporthorse class 1st 
2005 SHB(GB) North West Spring Show North West Sport Horse CHAMPIONSHIP Res. CHAMPION
2005 SHB(GB) North West Spring Show North West 3yr old Sport Horse class 1st 


Photo Name Comment
VOLATIS DIVA Volatis Diva HOYS Finalist, Multiple COunty Show Winner, BEF Futurity Dressage Foal Champion
Vincent stallion son Stallion Stallion son exported to His Highness Prince Hamid Ali in Pakistan
32402345_10212590414858796_7549236914935562240_n Volatis Diva laurels Vincent yearling Vincent foal3 Vincent foal1
Vincent foal4 Vincent foal2 Vincent foal5 Vincent youngster Volatis Diva HOYS


elcaro Elcaro (1986) dkb 1.67m (KWPN) Grand Prix dressage horse zeoliet Zeoliet (1981) b 1.72m (KWPN)Keur Ramiro Z (1965) dkb 1.75m Grand Prix showjumperPreferent Raimond (1965) dk Ramzes X (1937) Anglo Arab
Infra (1950) (Holst)
Valine (1961) 1.50m showjumper Cottage Son xx (1944) Thoroughbred
Holle (1949) (Holst)
Sargab (1976) b 1.69mKeur Pref Prestatie Abgar xx (KWPN) 1958Thoroughbred Abernant xx (1946) Thoroughbred
Karadja xx (1953) Thoroughbred
A.gonnie (1959) Nimrod (1949)
Toosje (1954)
Ritacara (1975) 1.62m (KWPN) Prestatie Pref Keur Lucky Boy xx (1966) b 1.67mThoroughbredPreferent Compromise xx (1954)Thoroughbred Nearco xx (1935) Thoroughbred
Idealist xx (1948) Thoroughbred
Sejane xx (1957)Thoroughbred Ksarinor xx (1947) Thoroughbred
Jeanne Seymour xx Thoroughbred
Dicara (1962)Ster Preferent Vorst (1956) (OLD) Ludo (1947) (OLD)
Elektira II (1947) (OLD)
Micara (1949) NWP Selmon (1939)
Cavaria (1944)
Kirby (1992) (KWPN) Stb. samber2 Samber (1976) 1.66m (KWPN) Grand Prix dressage stallion Pericles xx (1962)Thoroughbred Relic xx b (1962)ThoroughbredPreferent War Relic xx (1938)  Thoroughbred
Bridal Colours (1931) Thoroughbred
Queen of Peru xx (1948)Thoroughbred Big Game xx (1939) Thoroughbred
Chincona xx (1930) Thoroughbred
Tina (1964) Ordonnans (1959) NWP Ornament (1951) (NWP)
Odora (1950 *NWP)
Astrid (1956) NWP Romeo (1952) (NWP)
No Saint (GB) (1959)
Ginger (1988) (KWPN) Rinaldo (1975) (KWPN) 1.30m Showjumper Darling Boy xx (1958)Thoroughbred Darius xx   (1951)  Thoroughbred
Sugar Bun xx (1946) Thoroughbred
Innemieke (1967) (KWPN) Antonio (1960) (Holst)
Kilena (1960 (NWP)
Beolinda (1983) (KWPN) Elan xx dkbr (1973) 1.66m (BADWU, TRAK, KWPN)        Thoroughbred Wiesenklee xx (1961)  Thoroughbred
Elisabeth xx (1961) Thoroughbred
Odorine br (1973) 1.59m (KWPN) Universal (1966) (NWP)
Golda (1965)


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